wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2009

My first blog

The welcome of my cat when I come to my empty home ….. priceless.

Tea drank in the morning sun in the garden with my cat by my side ..... priceless

In life only moments are nice and they should be collect like pearls

Something about me.

I arrived to London in November last year. But I had to wait until Easter to bring my two cats, which yearned for me a lot in Warsaw. My daughter was taking care of the tomcats.

I want to study and work here. I want to study animal behaviour, but first I must learn English to a good level.

This is my first blog. I will write it, so I can improve my written English.

I have personal assistant-editor in chief, who will correct my mistakes and teach me how to use computer's.

I like all animals a lot, hamster and other rodents, however I like cats the most. I like to crochet and knit.

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