piątek, 11 września 2009


On Saturday I started moving to a new flat. There was no internet in there, hence I couldn't write.
During moving out there was a lot of work and confusion;
All the packing, transport from point “A” to point “B” and unpacking, etc.
Cats and I went to the new flat at the end of the whole process, which happened on Monday evening. Animals were appal to drive in a car, they just don't like it. Minio always cries and wants to get out from his pet cage, as he prefers to sit on my lap, however the pet cage was on my lap h because on the back of the car were other things. On the other hand Rufus gets so scared, so he doesn't move and he pees and shits himself.
On the way we had to stop in the place where my husband was working, so he could check what tools he would need.
I went there with him to get rid the source of an ugly smell (left kindly by Rufus). After we arrived to the new flat I let the cats out of the pet cage in my room. Rufus hid behind a mattress that stood by a window and he stayed in there until morning, with one break when he went out to vomit. Minio all the time was consoling himself and was asking for a stroke.
In the morning the cats were feeling better, they run among the boxes, packets and other things to explore new place, every so often they were coming to me to verify whether I was still in here and demanded more strokes to console. In midday cats were already asking to be let out side, so I opened the door to a patio, it was a moment until the animals came back.
Today cats feel well, each of them found its favourite place to sleep and go out for a walk.

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