środa, 30 września 2009

My handmade things.

When I was a child I was watching my mother whenever she was doing something. Very often she was knitting or sewing.
She was repairing our clothes [I have a sister and a brother] and knit caps, gloves, scarves, socks and sweaters.
I liked a lot to watch my mother knit, for me it was something magic, a set of moving knits and a sweater coming out of them bit by bit. When I was 5 or 6 years old I said to my mother that I wanted to make something as well.
My mother showed how to move stitches from one knitting needle to another, once I got enough of practice she showed me how to make right and left stitches and how to finish a knitting. My first thing that I made was a pink scarf for my teddy bear. When I was about 11 years old I have learnt on my own how to crochet and I made dresses for my dolls. I knitted colourful socks for me and my sister. Next I began to make sweaters and I have learnt how to make gloves with fingers and caps. After that I have learnt a little bit how to embroider, I made a few serviettes and handkerchiefs. I only asked my Mother to demonstrate how to make gloves and socks, but I have learnt on my own how to make other things from books. Nine years ago I have learnt how to crochet serviettes and I like it a lot.

niedziela, 27 września 2009

Behaviour of cats.

Rufus is greedy for whiskas chips, he wants to eat chips all the time, a lot of chips and only chips and nothing else. The tomcat is a little bit fat and I must limit him on his treats.
Once Rufus came to me to the room up stairs and asked for chips, but I didn't want to give them to him at that moment. Later on I went down to the kitchen to prepare myself a tea. The cat followed me, he sat down by the kitchen doors and later went to the living room. A moment later Minio rushed in and started to ask for something to eat. I knew very well what he was asking about, because Rufus followed him slowly. I laughed and couldn't refuse any more. I strew few chips to each bowl, Minio gave a glance at it and laid down on the floor, Rufus with content came to both of the bowls and emptied them.
Minio likes to watch when I do something and only when he is not asleep nor outside he will follow me and observe whatever I do.
On the chest of drawers by the window stand a small dieffenbachia and an orchid. While I was watering the dieffenbachia, Minio was seating by the plant. After I finished he put his nose into the flower-pot and looked at me, next he put his nose to the other flower-pot and he looked at me astonished, then he looked at the bottle in my hand, then again he put his nose to the second flower-pot, and looked at me as if he wanted to ask “ and what about this plant, no water?”. I laughed at him and said “no, no water”.

czwartek, 24 września 2009

The pursue of language studies

When I arrived here I applied for an English course to one Collage in Southgate, but I was informed that they didn't have any free spots left, because there were too many applicants eager to study English, so I have been given another application for a course that was starting in September. I did as I was told, but I had to move to the other side of London, hence commuting would take me too much time.
In the last week I had an interview for an English course in the local College. I wrote the test as good as I could. After a conversation with a teacher I received a letter with information about the course and the teacher's telephone number. I will have to ring her in November or December to find out whether they have any free spaces. I must still wait a little bit more.
Now I am waiting and in the mean time I am studying on my own. I read a little fable for children and now I planning to read “Harry Potter”, I read it in Polish and I really liked it. On top of that I watch films in English with English subtitles. Plus I write this blog as an exercise for spelling and grammar, and my personal assistant who is my husband's nephew helps me all the time. He corrects my mistakes and explains me principles of writing.
Unfortunately I don't understand when people speak to me in English, this is caused by my lack of contact with English speaking people. Hopefully this will change with time.

wtorek, 15 września 2009


My second cat is called Minio. Hi is three years old. I know him from the day he was born, but he became my cat later. My daughter arrived to me in Warsaw with her daughter and two cats. Both of her cats are girls. My daughter found them on a street, they didn't have any owner. In the summer both of cat-girls gave birth to a bunch of little kittens. They had six babies together, one of them was my Minio. Kittens went to new homes. Minio was also given to some people, but after a week lady who took him changed her mind. Minio was offend by my daughter, because she was the one to take him away, however that does not count that she brought him back to home. From that time the tomcat became my cat. He is a cat of one owner and allows only a few people to take liberties with him.
Minio has white socks, belly, neck, left cheek and arrow on his nose, his fur is grey with single white hair and from below he is white. The tomcat has black nose and yellow and green eyes. He is very slim, nimble and quick.


My first cat is called Rufus. Hi is five years old. I have him for a year. My daughter took him from a girl who went to Germany to work. My daughter had two cat-girls already and one of them didn't like him.
I took him for myself because I just recently lost my honey kitten and I was very sad. He was almost always at home and suddenly all corners were empty and nothing mewed, there was no one round and under my legs, it was all so very empty and so sad. I brought Rufus 300 kilometres by train to Warsaw. The cat was very nervous after changing the flat and the owner two times. He was fallowing after me and he was catching my ankles with his claws. I was throwing him a small ball made of paper and he was running and catching it and sometimes he was even bringing it to me, so I could throw it again. After a month Rufus became more tranquil. I took him to a wet to castrate him, he wasn't very happy about that.
Overall the first month was a difficult period in ours relationship.

Rufus is a cat that likes the most to sleep and eat crisps. He is a big cat, of thickset type of body, he weights above 5 kilograms. He has short fur, in touch he feels like a pool over. Hi is dark-grey striped-tabby, he has brown nose and orange eyes.

My mistake.

In the blog titled “Rufus” I have done a mistake, I wrote: “I have him for a year” while it should have been “I have him for four years”. Rufus is five years old and I took him when he was one year old. It was my husband that discovered this mistake.

piątek, 11 września 2009


On Saturday I started moving to a new flat. There was no internet in there, hence I couldn't write.
During moving out there was a lot of work and confusion;
All the packing, transport from point “A” to point “B” and unpacking, etc.
Cats and I went to the new flat at the end of the whole process, which happened on Monday evening. Animals were appal to drive in a car, they just don't like it. Minio always cries and wants to get out from his pet cage, as he prefers to sit on my lap, however the pet cage was on my lap h because on the back of the car were other things. On the other hand Rufus gets so scared, so he doesn't move and he pees and shits himself.
On the way we had to stop in the place where my husband was working, so he could check what tools he would need.
I went there with him to get rid the source of an ugly smell (left kindly by Rufus). After we arrived to the new flat I let the cats out of the pet cage in my room. Rufus hid behind a mattress that stood by a window and he stayed in there until morning, with one break when he went out to vomit. Minio all the time was consoling himself and was asking for a stroke.
In the morning the cats were feeling better, they run among the boxes, packets and other things to explore new place, every so often they were coming to me to verify whether I was still in here and demanded more strokes to console. In midday cats were already asking to be let out side, so I opened the door to a patio, it was a moment until the animals came back.
Today cats feel well, each of them found its favourite place to sleep and go out for a walk.