poniedziałek, 12 października 2009

A small kitten.

Last Sunday we were watching from our window a small kitten that was playing on a tree. Kitten was about three months old, he was white with dark-grey striped patches. Small urchin was having a lot of fun, he was even running on very thin branches. We were watching him stunt and he was merrily looking at us. Two children, a girl and a boy, were playing near the tree and were calling the kitten but the small urchin didn't intend to go down. One lady with a small dog, came to help the children to call the kitten, but it appeared that the kitten was afraid to go down. The lady went away, so did the children. After a moment the lady came back with one man, who took off the frighten animal from the tree, and gave him to the small girl.
The small kitten likes to go up on trees and he always has a lot of fun, but afterwards he fears to go down, he must to learn this difficult action.

About two weeks ago my husband took off a tree this kitten as well.

Yesterday evening I again saw the small kitten on a tree. The children wanted to go home, but the small urchin didn't want to come down or he was afraid. The lady and the man came to help the children, but the kitten obviously scared slowly began to go down the tree.

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