niedziela, 22 listopada 2009

“Damaged” cat

Rufus is “damaged”, he has asthma, he is ill for three and half years. Sometime he feels very bad, coughs and breathes heavily and one time he was stifling really badly. Now he has two kind pills. The first one he takes a quarter a day and the second he takes every other day. At the beginning he didn't want to swallow those pills, he was trying to escape, hide under the bed or tear out and spit out the pills. After some months he learnt to swallow his pills without a fight. In spite of the treatment and safe custody he still has good and bad days. I know that asthma is incurable and it is only possible to alleviate the symptoms. I know that my cat will get worse as he will grow older.
I am aware that this illness will probably shorten his life. I try to not to think about what is not unavoidable and I look forward to every day that is ahead of us.

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