wtorek, 8 grudnia 2009


When my sister was a teenager, she lived with our grandmother. My grandmother lived outside of
the town in an almost hundred years old wooden house. One autumn a hedgehog came in to the house. My sisters took him to her room. The hedgehog lived with her all winter. My sister fed him and gave milk to drink, every morning bowls were empty. Hedgehog slept all days and by nights he went out of his hiding place, that was somewhere under her bed. When walking he pattered loudly with his little paws and puffed like a locomotive. He caught all mice which lived or wanted to live in the room of my sister. At spring my sister let out him out side.

On illustrations of Polish tales for children, hedgehogs are shown with apples on their spines. People who look at these illustrations think that hedgehogs eat apples and other plants. However Hedgehogs eat insects, earthworms and small rodents, they eat fallobst too.

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