niedziela, 13 grudnia 2009


One day I opened door for patio, to let in my cats home and in front of the door I found a surprise, a small kitten. This small kitten is the main character from the blog “small kitten”. I took him on my hands and I stroked his soft fur. I took my cats home and I left the small kitten out side. He called by the front door to let him in.
Sometimes he comes to our patio and he wants to make friends with my cats. Rufus and Minio are not aggressive towards him, they snort and hiss at him, but they don't attack him. Rufus is afraid of strange cats, he feign pancake and growl. Minio solely snorts but he shows interest in the small kitten. Our small visitor loves all world and all people. I wonder if he will manage to make friends with my cats.

One day he came and walked nearby the front door, but didn't want to came in.
Two days later Minio sat on the chest of drawers and watched world through the window, he began to quietly cheep and he looked at me and through the window, he clearly wanted to show me something. I looked through the window, I saw that small kitten sitting on the table in the patio and he was looking at our window. Minio asked me to let him out. We went down and I let Minio out. He ran outside (even though it was raining) and stayed in front of the table and he cheeped to our visitor, the small kitten meowed in answer. A moment later I opened the door to patio and I noticed that this time Minio was sitting on the table and the visitor was sitting in front. My cat jumped down and ran back home, the small kitten meowed and stayed out side on the rain.

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