wtorek, 15 września 2009


My first cat is called Rufus. Hi is five years old. I have him for a year. My daughter took him from a girl who went to Germany to work. My daughter had two cat-girls already and one of them didn't like him.
I took him for myself because I just recently lost my honey kitten and I was very sad. He was almost always at home and suddenly all corners were empty and nothing mewed, there was no one round and under my legs, it was all so very empty and so sad. I brought Rufus 300 kilometres by train to Warsaw. The cat was very nervous after changing the flat and the owner two times. He was fallowing after me and he was catching my ankles with his claws. I was throwing him a small ball made of paper and he was running and catching it and sometimes he was even bringing it to me, so I could throw it again. After a month Rufus became more tranquil. I took him to a wet to castrate him, he wasn't very happy about that.
Overall the first month was a difficult period in ours relationship.

Rufus is a cat that likes the most to sleep and eat crisps. He is a big cat, of thickset type of body, he weights above 5 kilograms. He has short fur, in touch he feels like a pool over. Hi is dark-grey striped-tabby, he has brown nose and orange eyes.

My mistake.

In the blog titled “Rufus” I have done a mistake, I wrote: “I have him for a year” while it should have been “I have him for four years”. Rufus is five years old and I took him when he was one year old. It was my husband that discovered this mistake.

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