niedziela, 27 września 2009

Behaviour of cats.

Rufus is greedy for whiskas chips, he wants to eat chips all the time, a lot of chips and only chips and nothing else. The tomcat is a little bit fat and I must limit him on his treats.
Once Rufus came to me to the room up stairs and asked for chips, but I didn't want to give them to him at that moment. Later on I went down to the kitchen to prepare myself a tea. The cat followed me, he sat down by the kitchen doors and later went to the living room. A moment later Minio rushed in and started to ask for something to eat. I knew very well what he was asking about, because Rufus followed him slowly. I laughed and couldn't refuse any more. I strew few chips to each bowl, Minio gave a glance at it and laid down on the floor, Rufus with content came to both of the bowls and emptied them.
Minio likes to watch when I do something and only when he is not asleep nor outside he will follow me and observe whatever I do.
On the chest of drawers by the window stand a small dieffenbachia and an orchid. While I was watering the dieffenbachia, Minio was seating by the plant. After I finished he put his nose into the flower-pot and looked at me, next he put his nose to the other flower-pot and he looked at me astonished, then he looked at the bottle in my hand, then again he put his nose to the second flower-pot, and looked at me as if he wanted to ask “ and what about this plant, no water?”. I laughed at him and said “no, no water”.

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