wtorek, 15 września 2009


My second cat is called Minio. Hi is three years old. I know him from the day he was born, but he became my cat later. My daughter arrived to me in Warsaw with her daughter and two cats. Both of her cats are girls. My daughter found them on a street, they didn't have any owner. In the summer both of cat-girls gave birth to a bunch of little kittens. They had six babies together, one of them was my Minio. Kittens went to new homes. Minio was also given to some people, but after a week lady who took him changed her mind. Minio was offend by my daughter, because she was the one to take him away, however that does not count that she brought him back to home. From that time the tomcat became my cat. He is a cat of one owner and allows only a few people to take liberties with him.
Minio has white socks, belly, neck, left cheek and arrow on his nose, his fur is grey with single white hair and from below he is white. The tomcat has black nose and yellow and green eyes. He is very slim, nimble and quick.

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