czwartek, 24 września 2009

The pursue of language studies

When I arrived here I applied for an English course to one Collage in Southgate, but I was informed that they didn't have any free spots left, because there were too many applicants eager to study English, so I have been given another application for a course that was starting in September. I did as I was told, but I had to move to the other side of London, hence commuting would take me too much time.
In the last week I had an interview for an English course in the local College. I wrote the test as good as I could. After a conversation with a teacher I received a letter with information about the course and the teacher's telephone number. I will have to ring her in November or December to find out whether they have any free spaces. I must still wait a little bit more.
Now I am waiting and in the mean time I am studying on my own. I read a little fable for children and now I planning to read “Harry Potter”, I read it in Polish and I really liked it. On top of that I watch films in English with English subtitles. Plus I write this blog as an exercise for spelling and grammar, and my personal assistant who is my husband's nephew helps me all the time. He corrects my mistakes and explains me principles of writing.
Unfortunately I don't understand when people speak to me in English, this is caused by my lack of contact with English speaking people. Hopefully this will change with time.

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